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Kosuke Uchida Hopes Persela Keeps Resistance Against Arema

Kosuke Uchida Hopes Persela Keeps Resistance Against Arema

There is no name Kosuke Yamazaki Uchida in the entourage Persela Lamongan players who leave for Arema FC headquarters on Thursday (14/09/2017) Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

He decided the coaching team to be left in Lamongan because he has not recovered from injuries suffered.

The energetic Japanese midfielder was sentenced to a right ankle injury while strengthening Persela in a 1-0 win over Perseru Serui in last weekend’s match. He is required to rest for two to weeks ahead.

“The doctor said I was told to rest for three weeks, I want to be back soon, but the possibility against PS TNI can play,” Kosuke said as quoted on the official club website.

To restore his physical condition, Kosuke began performing a series of functional ability testing gradually, ranging from jogging, short-distance running, zig-zag, to jumping with two or one leg.

In addition to wanting to recover quickly, he admitted that he can not wait to re-strengthen the team and compete under the direction of new coach, Aji Santoso.

“I think the training is very good and coach Aji always said that discipline should be good, that’s the most important thing in the team,” he said.

Although left in Lamongan, Kosuke still pray that his team-mates will be able to provide resistance against the host Arema FC in a match that will be held at the Kanjuruhan Stadium on Saturday (16/09/2017) night.

“I hope Persela get at least one point, I know the away match against Arema FC is very difficult, but we can,” Kosuke said.

Kosuke itself is part of the Persela squad which in the first round of League 1 managed to beat Arema FC with a score of 0-4 in Lamongan. He hopes the victory becomes a separate spirit for his colleagues in serving the challenge Arema in Malang.

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