Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo: How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days

By Patrice Williams Marks

  • Release Date : 2015-10-15
  • Genre : Consumer Guides
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Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo: How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days - 2017 EDITION - WARNING: DO NOT LAUNCH YOUR CROWDFUNDING PROJECT BEFORE READING THIS BOOK.

FACT: Over 65% of crowd funding projects fail. Why? Top 5 Reason's for Failure:

1) Campaign Missing Key Elements
2) Launched Before Gathering Their Tribe
3) Expected That if They Build It, They Will Come
4) Poor Advertising/Social Media Strategy
5) Lack of Partners

Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo (or any other crowd-funding site) How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days walks you step by step into the process of creating, launching and wrapping your project. 


- How Curated Communities can give you added exposure

- How to get featured in Kickstarter and Indiegogo's newsletters (solid gold)

- How to grab funders attention the moment they land on your page

- How to generate traffic to your project

- How to easily find and target bloggers and journalist who want to publicize your project

- and much more!

Tried and true tactics, tips and secrets that work.


  • Valuable information!

    By Skrinkle1111
    I've done extensive research into crowd funding and this book still managed to teach me some very exciting tips to take it to the next level. This is a good book for those who already have a basic idea about building a crowd funding campaign, but want to learn ways to get exposure and draw interest to it.
  • Chock-Full of Priceless Information

    By Corlethal
    I couldn't believe how very detailed this book was, I was tempted to call this a How To Book, but it's so thorough in detail, samples etc. This is more of a full out class on all the Secrets, Hints and Tips on getting your project to shine like a star in a ocean of wanna be's, I cannot imagine how you cannot help but become a true Celebrity with this book at your side. This is my very first book that I've picked up through iTunes and I found scrolling through this book was easy and the information contained in it simply fantastic, I really felt like the Author was a good friend taking me by the hand, showing me around the strange and fantastic world of Crowd-Funding Projects. I found my little red bookmarks in the book handy, it must be a part of the iTunes books, though I scroll fast to get through to the bookmark, I've yet to figure out the program, but I must say I bookmarked so much that I might as well have set it up on every page of this informative book. The comforting part of this book was knowing that she was even aware of the chance of failure and basically she held her hand out, offering suggestions on how to reevaluate your failed Campaign and then she virtually would boost you back up to help you on that proverbial horse. In the end I can tell you that you really must read through this book twice, I know I will be back to read it a second time tonight, this time I will be taking notes and bookmarking the example websites that she sends you to in the book. This is not a one time read and discard book, this is a keeper and I believe that much of the information in here can be used in more ways than just fund-raising for your project, I can see using a good % of it to help build your web presence as well for anything from your Company website to your blog too. Okay it's time for me to pick up my tablet and start taking notes this time... my mind just swims with the possibilities, although it's a lot of hard work, with this bookin hand I am ready to go... are you???? Update: Over a month later, I felt that I must report that I am still using this book, even as "just a Blogger" I am finding a wealth of useful knowledge in this small book! Yes, even for me, the blogger!
  • Crowd-Funding Money Making

    By vstayton
    The book is a quick read but it is really full of helpful hints, examples and insight. It was obvious that the author, Patrice Williams Marks, really knows what she is talking about. I think crowd-funding is a brilliant idea and one anyone considering going into business for themselves or that has an idea but not the cash to get it started need to know about and this book is a must read. I know the first thing I asked myself was, “What is crowd-funding?”. Crowd-funding is a new trend using various websites (Kickstarter being one of the most popular) and it works by helping people that have great ideas but don’t have the money to fund them. These people can pitch their ideas to the public in hopes that they will donate money to help fund them. I had watched a TV show once in the past that was basically crowd-funding. People try to convince the “sharks” to invest in their business. Kickstarter is a website that basically does the same except you are not on TV. This helpful little book walks you step-by-step into the process of creating, launching and wrapping your project. In this book you will learn: How Curated Communities Can Give You Added Exposure How to Get Featured in Kickstarter and Ingiegogo’s Newsletters (solid gold) How to Grab Funders Attention the Moment They Land on Your page How to Generate Traffic to Your Project How to Easily Find and Target Bloggers and Journalist Who Want to Publicize Your Project How to Relaunch a Failed Campaign Websites to Post Your Projects to For Added Exposure Comprehensive List of Popular and Niche Crowd Funding Sites and Much More! I thought this was a pretty brilliant book and really enjoyed reading it. I hadn’t heard about Kickstarter or anything before reading this book so I did a little background work first to find out what exactly crowd-funding and Kickstarter were. I recommend this book to anyone with an idea or to other “How To” people like myself. It flows easily and is written in everyday words so it’s not too technical to understand. I don’t have any complaints about the book but one small thing. It had a couple grammatical errors in it and that was one of her helpful hint to success. Other than that this book is a great read and full of very helpful information.
  • MUST READ - The Key to CrowdFunding!

    By rebekahdav
    This is the perfect guide to being successful in your crowd funding campaign. I highly recommend using this as a resource!
  • very valuable

    By Tricia721
    OK, I have been trying for the last 3 months to get something like this going. Once I started reading this book, the author has given me something to think about. Very insightful, and I am ready to give this crowdfunding idea another round, only this time, I am using her techniques. Great book, and I am on chapter 5.
  • This book is key to your success

    By jasonjean
    I have to say this book has really enlightened me on the whole crowd funding society. The step by step layout on the do's and don'ts has me already starting the process for my own crowd funding projects. I would have liked to seen more in the rewards section but totally understand its up to each project on what to do.
  • A lot of Info

    By tvnewsgal
    I bought this because I am thinking about raising money for an app on Rockethub. No, it's not Kickstarter, but the right crowdfunding site for me. I knew more projects fail than reach their goals. I want my project to raise $7,000. I came across this book and read it in one sitting. Wish it was in hard copy so that I could highlight everything that I need to do. All in all, awesome info, specific details. I feel pretty good about proceeding with my project now. FYI Just because it says Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the title, this book works with any crowdfunding website.
  • Massive value

    By RedRover87
    Great guide for getting the traction you need to get your projects noticed and funded. Along with how to take over kickstart with your project, author also exposes other crowdserving sites that will aid to getting projecst funded. Some are specific to niches, while others are open to any and all projects. A must have for those seeking funding.