Information Security The Complete Reference, Second Edition

By Mark Rhodes-Ousley

  • Release Date : 2013-04-03
  • Genre : Network
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Information Security The Complete Reference, Second Edition This is a complete, cover-to-cover revision of the most authoritative volume available on information security (the first edition of which was titled Network Security: The Complete Reference), and covers all of the most important tools and practices that concern any information security practitioner today, including the very latest information available on security standards and regulations.

Information Security: The Complete Reference, Second Edition guides security practitioners through how to plan, implement, and maintain a secure data environment, protect confidential information, and ensure corporate networks are in compliance with the latest regulations. The book covers essential standards, such as ISO 27001, CoBIT, and SAS 70. Important legal regulations (and their context and relevance), such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SB 1386, SB 1841, FFIEC, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB), and HIPAA are highlighted throughout where their relevance intersects with topics—enhancing this edition’s value and practicality.

This authoritative volume includes contributions from 30+ technical experts and leaders in the security industry. New chapters have been added on VoIP security, controlling application behavior, and operational security. The chapters covering system security, planning and response, and standards compliance have been extensively revised.

The 35 chapters are divided into six parts. Part 1 covers the elements of network security foundations including policies, organization, and defense models. Part II covers access control, including security management, operational security, and data security. Part III gets into key network security aspects, including firewalls, virtual private networks, wireless security, VoIP security, and more. Part IV explains system security, focusing on security models, UNIX, Linux, and Windows Security. Part V covers application security, including J2EE, Windows .NET, database security, writing secure software, and more. Part VI explains planning and response, including disaster recovery, attacks and countermeasures, incident response, as well as legal, regulatory, and standards compliance.

The first edition of this book was titled Network Security: The Complete Reference.

Information Security: The Complete Reference, Second Edition
Now presents essential security standards and regulation information paired with related topics throughout the book, greatly enhancing ease-of-use and the ability to readily apply business recommendationsTeaches end-to-end IT security concepts and techniques, complete with methodology, analysis, case examples, tips, and all the technical supporting details needed to suit an IT audience’s requirementsSpans from a beginner to advanced practitioner levelIncludes detailed updates on how to assure business compliance with IT standards and regulations, including ISO 27001, CoBIT, SAS 70, and SOXOffers completely updated coverage of Linux/UNIX, wireless, secure Windows, VPN, software development, and physical premisesContains comprehensive information on how to design an effective security defense model, develop and deploy computer, personnel, and physical security policies, design and manage authentication and authorization methods, and much more