Origami Rockets

By Lew Rozelle

  • Release Date : 1999-02-15
  • Genre : Crafts
  • FIle Size : 4.32 MB


Origami Rockets They float! They fly! They zoom! They spin! They even land on their feet! Origami Rockets: Spinners, Zoomers, Floaters, and More presents how to create inflatable paper folding projects that actually take flight. From a few basic designs, this how to do orgami book offers more than fifty unique paper toy rocket creations including:

-Sweptwing rockets
-Shortnosed spinner
-And even a lunar lander

With step-by-step instructions on how to fold and inflate rockets into three-dimensional crafts, this origami how to book also features directions on the best methods of throwing their rockets and making them soar. In addition, advanced paper folders will learn how to develop new designs and experiment with making rockets that will go farther, higher, and faster.

No cutting or gluing required! With Origami Rockets, even beginners can create flying machines with only paper and air.