The Obversant Voyage

By Patrick O'Brian

  • Release Date : 2011-08-04
  • Genre : Performing Arts
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Score: 3.5
From 16 Ratings


The Obversant Voyage A Parody of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin historical fiction series, in this book (set in the dead center of the series between "The Far Side of the World" [WW Norton] and "The Reverse of the Medal" [WW Norton])the HMS Surprise visits San Diego circa 1813.


  • Enjoyable

    By W8tLUZR
    Well done. No match for the real O'Brian, and comically confesses as much in the forward, but a fun light read nonetheless and good as parody. Had me chuckling and reaching for the dictionary. Includes a hilariously tortured pun worthy of the series. San Diegans will enjoy the geologic and (sometimes anachronistic) cultural references and jokes.
  • Download it, for all love!

    By Rejento
    "SMA Forever," what's that stand for, "Somewhat Malevolent Attitude?" Don't listen to that blackguard. If you're an O'Brian fan you'll love this book, that looks and reads like the real thing, only twisted a bit. I'm going to suggest you first re-read The Far Side of the World since The Obversant Voyage starts right whereTFSOTW ends, and this author, supposedly "O. Brian Patrick," has seized on numerous little red herrings that O'Brian scattered throughout TFSOTW (most notably the secret box of money Maturin retrieved from the packetDanae) and built a fun little (177 pgs.) story out of them. There are no sea battles, but Jack Aubrey has a great sword duel on a clifftop, Mowett reads a poem, Maturin comes up with another of his puns, and we find out what ever happened to Fat Arse Jenks. There are all the obligatory O'Brianisms you expect, along with a healthy batch of new-to-me obscure, archaic terms that had me thumbing through my OED a few times. It was great to be back aboard Surprise one last time; I'm kind of an O'Brian freak, but I thinkanybody might enjoy this book.
  • Lost the number of his mess

    By SMA forever
    While I remain certain that the author's intentions were honorable, and even knowing that (attempted) imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, this was the worst five bucks I've spent since the five I surrendered at a tender age to see what was behind the curtain at the carnival. Don't bother. There's nothing behind this curtain you'd care to see.