Hollywood Classics Title Index to All Movies Reviewed in Books 1

By John Howard Reid

  • Release Date : 2011-07-04
  • Genre : Consumer Guides
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Hollywood Classics Title Index to All Movies Reviewed in Books 1 Another essential book for the film buff's library, this book, at a little over A5 size, is smaller than previous books in the series. Nonetheless, its 343 pages are packed with information and reviews on classic movies. Not as many photos in this edition, but some of the reviews are quite extensive. John Howard Reid provides all the information you need for classic movies, including complete cast and production staff. For "The Ten Commandments", for instance, Reid devotes over nine pages. The cast list alone takes up four pages. The 1950 award-winning movie, "All the King's Men", fills 20 pages. Apart from JHR's usual record of complete cast and production staff, there's so much more in this book. There are 8 pages about the director, Robert Rossen, and more pages on photographer, Burnett Guffey. The star, Broderick Crawford, also receives a lengthy write-up. Probably all the great stars of yesteryear are represented by one or more movies in this great book. I find JHR's information invaluable. Like many movie buffs, I like to read not only who acted in a movie, but who made it -- not just the top-billed stars and directors, but the lesser mortals. I like to see at least the names of the editors, photographers, and script writers; and I like to know if the film was adapted from a book. All this information and much, much more, JHR always provides. -- Reviewed by Ross Adams in "Dress Circle" magazine.