This Week: Deploying MPLS

By Tim Fiola

  • Release Date : 2011-05-01
  • Genre : Network
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This Week: Deploying MPLS While there are many books and papers available that cover network architecture, MPLS services, and MPLS cores, none put all these subjects together in a “beginning-to-end” walk-through methodology using all the necessary configuration examples for Juniper routers, with explanations for each configuration. This Week: Deploying MPLS is a seminar-in-a-book on the process of designing and standing up a MPLS core, as well as provisioning MPLS services such as L3VPN, VPLS, and Layer 2 circuits.

This Week: Deploying MPLS assumes readers have a working knowledge of OSPF or ISIS, iBGP, and eBGP, and have already made a choice as to which IGP to use in their network: OSPF or ISIS. These prerequisites clear the path for an elaborate walk-through deployment of a fault-tolerant MPLS network that includes the “how-to” Junos configurations along with the “why-to” explanations on why some architectural decisions are advantageous and others should be avoided.

If you are a network engineer, network architect, or network administrator in an enterprise or service provider environment that has decided to implement MPLS, be prepared to be shown, not told, what to do.

“If you’re thinking about adding MPLS to your Junos network, this book is perfect. Not only will you find MPLS concepts explained but many real-world Junos configuration examples, too. In short, the book provides the necessary knowledge for an MPLS deployment in a matter of days because you’re never more than a step away from configuring the concepts you’ve just learned.”
Nicholas Harland, Senior Network Engineer, Constant Contact, Inc.

• Decide on an appropriate network architecture based on your network’s requirements and offered services.
• Implement a fault-tolerant MPLS core based on LDP, RSVP, or LSP and RSVP, on Juniper Networks routers using the Junos CLI.
• Understand how to troubleshoot an MPLS core. 
• Provision L3VPN, VPLS, and Layer 2 circuits on Juniper Networks routers. 
• Understand all the Junos features in an MPLS implementation.
• Effectively implement traffic engineering and understand how to effectively and efficiently scale your network.

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