How to Draft a Pattern

By Shigeko Rustin

  • Release Date : 2015-01-09
  • Genre : Consumer Guides
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How to Draft a Pattern The Essential Guide to Custom Design
This book, a How To manual, provides properly sequenced techniques from the mid 1800's or earlier, when all garments were made by hand, which reflected expert craftsmanship in the process as well as appearance.
The concepts of wearing clothing and being tastefully dressed are both universal and ancient, yet modern. Access to quality fabrics and well constructed garments with timeless lines was often reserved for the wealthy, powerful and/or socialites. This means the taste and desire of larger parts of society went generally ignored. Some form and use of apparel has been a perpetual need in the human experience, throughout most cultures around the globe.
Regardless of the status, career, body proportion or geographical locationyou now have access. The wise person asks for insight. In a day gone by, they would have called it redeeming the time. It means buying up the opportunities and possibilities unique to each season of ones life. How to Draft a Pattern provides that insight.
Why Wait?
The techniques for properly measuring the human body are illustrated in crystal clear detail to ensure the proper fit of any garment you construct.